Gate of God

Chapter 603 - Bridge of the Heaven and Earth

Chapter 603: Bridge of the Heaven and Earth

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It was truly spectacular.

Relief and joy then overcame everyone on the battlefield. There was no doubting it. The moment the sword landed on the ground, the results were set in stone.

The torrential rain continued to fall.

However, the beast horde that was charging straight towards Flame Capital City stopped in their tracks. They stared at the fissure on the ground, more specifically, the figure standing right beside the crack.

King Xieluo stood there motionlessly with an expressionless face. The purple light that extended through his entire body started blossoming with increasing intensity.

It became brighter as time passed.

“You… are strong!” King Xieluo finally whispered. He sounded slightly unsatisfied with the results of the battle, though he was no longer infuriated.

“Actually, you are stronger than me!” Fang Zhengzhi nodded and he commended.

“But you won.”

“That’s true.”

There were no more words. King Xieluo merely lifted his head slowly and he stared at the torrential rain that graced the earth. Following which, a faint golden brilliance emerged from his body.

Just like the gravel o the ground a few moments ago, it slowly rose up before disintegrating into nothingness, as if it had never existed.

At the same time, a golden sphere emerged from his mouth.

This was a golden sphere completely different from the one on his head. It lacked the brilliance and elegance when compared to the one on the forehead. However, it was blessed with a desolate and ancient presence.

“Demon Pearl!”

“This is the real Demon Pearl!”

“To think that the Demon Pearl ha been in his mouth all this time, and not on his forehead!”

The Mountain Breaking Army and Yan Cloud Calvary finally recollected themselves from the shock upon seeing the Demon Pearl.

At that moment, they finally understood. The Demon Pearl was the source of the Demon King’s power. How could such an important thing be exposed on his forehead?

Though he still lost.

The beast horde retreated slowly but surely, like the heaps of snow melting gently under the sunlight.

We won!

We finally won!

Many years ago, the Sagely Battle God killed the Demon King So Kong in one blow. Countless days later, Fang Zhengzhi also defeated King Xieluo in one blow right at the city gate of Flame Capital City

The same blade and the same aftermath.

“We won. I, the princess… can finally help you for once… you shameless fellow…” Ping Yang broke out into a slight smile as she said.

Her dull and unmoving eyes stared at Fang Zhengzhi as she kept silent. Fresh blood poured from her mouth.

It landed briefly on the ground before it was washed out by the rain.

The number of sparkling light spots around her had dwindled drastically. The remaining light spots circled her sparsely, emitting an urgent but malevolent grief.

Without any support, she then fell onto the ground.

However, right before her body touched the ground, an arm blocked her fall. This arm then brought her close to a human body, giving her much needed warmth.

She did not struggle.

She allowed this warmth to envelop her completely.

“Ping Yang…” Fang Zhengzhi embraced her petite and soft body. He knew exactly how Ping Yang was feeling right now. He could feel her emotions through the sparse light spots surrounding her.

“Shameless fellow, I am strong… right?” Ping Yang stared at Fang Zhengzhi as her mouth smirked with her usual stubbornness, though her dull eyes were getting increasingly devoid of spirit.

“Yes, you are strong!”

“Hahaha…” Ping Yang smiled as blood poured from her mouth, staining her blouse. However, she continued to smile as she said, “I am finally not just a burdensome character. I can help as well…”

“You have always been a great help!”

“No, in the past… in the past, it wasn’t possible. I do not want to hide behind your back forever, sister Yan’s back as well. I keep saying that I am strong but… I cannot do anything. I know that I was just someone who cannot accomplish anything…”

“Ping Yang!”

“Shameless fellow, it’s fine. I have already seen my mother. She says that she will come and fetch me. I should… be able to see her soon…” Ping Yang stared into the horizon and watched the rain fall onto the ground as she smiled in satisfaction.

“Your Highness!”

“Princess Ping Yang!”


Upon seeing this scene, the Mountain Breaking Army and Yan Cloud Calvary knelt down to pay respect to Ping Yang, though they had no idea what happened to her.

They could tell that Ping Yang was in a bad shape. One that threatened to steal her life at any moment.

They had won. King Xieluo was dead.

However, no one was celebrating. This was because Prince Li of the First Rank was dead as well. Now, even Ping Yang, who had shined so brilliantly in this battle was also on her last breath.

Ping Yang!

The most doted Princess in the dynasty. She was only 16 years old this year.

Flame Capital City, Palace.

The fierce battle had finally come to an end. This was because everyone’s attention was drawn to the pillar of purple light that fell from the horizon.

“My prince, King Xieluo’s presence seemed to have disappeared!” A black figure’s voice rang in Qian Wu’s ears. It was a voice of shock and horror.

“No, how could this be!” Qian Wu said as he trembled. His body was stained with blood as well. Although he was in disbelief, what his underling said was true.

King Xieluo’s presence had disappeared.

“My prince, let’s retreat!”

“Yes, my prince. If we don’t do it now… it will be too late!”

“My Prince!”

No one wished to believe it nor did anyone in the palace knew what happened outside. However, everyone could feel that the terrifying presence that once haunted them was gone.

“Who, who is it!” Qian Wu’s enraged bellow echoed across the palace. He stared at Lin Mubai with his pair of eagle-sharp eyes bitterly.

The torrential rain fell.

On the city gate, Su Qing was running at full speed. He had no more intention of staying in Flame Capital City. This war was over.

Fang Zhengzhi was still holding Ping Yang in his arms tightly.

On the other hand, Ping Yang merely tilted her head slightly and allowed Fang Zhengzhi to embrace her. She also hugged him tightly around the waist with her weak arms.

The rain had soaked her beautiful long hair and washed the bloodstained off her mouth. Her pink and supple lips were emitting a gush a warm air.

Perhaps, that was the last bit of warmth left in her body.

A small sparkle appeared on the horizon. It seemed extremely sinister amidst the sky filled with dark clouds and lightning. It did not seem to belong in this rough weather.

Though it still appeared.

It grew brighter until it illuminated the entire night sky, just like a ball of white light.

Boom! A pillar of light fell from the sky, connecting the heavens and earth.

“What is that!”

“What strong power!”

“Are you telling me, there is another Demon King?”

Shock and horror arose in the hearts of the Mountain Breaking Army and Yan Cloud Calvary. Their attention was drawn to the brilliance connecting the heavens and earth. That pillar of light landed at a spot not far away from Fang Zhengzhi and Ping Yang.

“This, is this…” Yan Qianli trembled at the sight of this light. As he stared at the blinding brilliance, an unprecedented expression of horror appeared on his face,

“Grandfather!” Yan Xiu moved his body in preparation for battle as he said.

“Don’t go forward!” Yan Qianli knew exactly what Yan Xiu was thinking and said without hesitation. After that, he said, “Relax, this is not a Demon King!”

“Yes,” Yan Xiu stopped in his tracks, though he fixed his eyes on the pillar of light as he clenched his fist subconsciously.

Shan Yu also fell silent. She stayed alert and glanced at the pillar of light defensively with her pair of beautiful black eyes.

At that moment, a figure appeared from the pillar of light. It was an average-sized human.

One could make out her features as she slowly revealed herself.

She was clad in a purple long dress and had waist-length black hair. She wore an unassuming bronze hairpin on her head. Although it was not elegant, it displayed a sense of unordinary simpleness.

It was a woman.

She did not seem old, probably around 30 years of age. Her eyebrows were thin and complemented well with her pair of large eyes. She was not exceptionally beautiful, though she definitely possessed a refreshing look.

A woman had just walked out of a pillar of light that descended from the heavens. This was both sinister and spectacular at the same time.

The pillar of light did not dissipate and the torrential rain continued to fall.

However, the torrential rain did not seem to be affecting the woman’s clothes, nor did the cooling night breeze seem to ruffle her hair. She merely stood there motionlessly like a piece of exquisite painting.

This woman in the painting started surveying her surroundings with a sense of arrogance. She swept her glance over the Mountain Breaking Army and the Yan Cloud Calvary. She even ignored Yan Xiu and Shan Yu.

She showcased a stature of absolute authority.

Her gaze did not hover around anyone in the scene, nor did the expression on her face ever change. This continued until she laid her eyes on the Demon Pearl floating in the air.

“Is he already dead?” The woman muttered. Following which, she turned towards Yan Qianli as she frowned and said, “Yan Qianli, where is Lin Mubai? Is he dead as well?”

Lin Mubai, the Emperor of the Great Xia Dynasty and the revered Majesty.

Yan Qianli, the Lord of the Western Liang and someone who had reached the level of a saint. He was the fifth person in the history of the Great Xia Dynasty to have reached that level.

Who dared to refer to this two people by their full names?

This woman just did, and she did so in a casual and even arrogant manner. She seemed to have purposely added the line “Is he dead as well?” just to be spiteful.

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